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United States Hotel Hostel Directory


Alabama Hotel, Alabama Hostel, Alabama Holiday Resort, Alabama Travel


Alaska Hotel, Alaska Hostel, Alaska Holiday Resort, Alaska Travel

American Samoa

American Samoa Hotel, American Samoa Hostel, American Samoa Holiday Resort, American Samoa Travel


Arizona Hotel, Arizona Hostel, Arizona Holiday Resort, Arizona Travel


Arkansas Hotel, Arkansas Hostel, Arkansas Holiday Resort, Arkansas Travel

Baker Island

Baker Island Hotel, Baker Island Hostel, Baker Island Holiday Resort, Baker Island Travel


California Hotel, California Hostel, California Holiday Resort, California Travel


Colorado Hotel, Colorado Hostel, Colorado Holiday Resort, Colorado Travel


Connecticut Hotel, Connecticut Hostel, Connecticut Holiday Resort, Connecticut Travel


Delaware Hotel, Delaware Hostel, Delaware Holiday Resort, Delaware Travel

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Hotel, District of Columbia Hostel, District of Columbia Holiday Resort, District of Columbia Travel


Florida Hotel, Florida Hostel, Florida Holiday Resort, Florida Travel


Georgia Hotel, Georgia Hostel, Georgia Holiday Resort, Georgia Travel


Guam Hotel, Guam Hostel, Guam Holiday Resort, Guam Travel


Hawaii Hotel, Hawaii Hostel, Hawaii Holiday Resort, Hawaii Travel

Howland Island

Howland Island Hotel, Howland Island Hostel, Howland Island Holiday Resort, Howland Island Travel


Idaho Hotel, Idaho Hostel, Idaho Holiday Resort, Idaho Travel


Illinois Hotel, Illinois Hostel, Illinois Holiday Resort, Illinois Travel


Indiana Hotel, Indiana Hostel, Indiana Holiday Resort, Indiana Travel


Iowa Hotel, Iowa Hostel, Iowa Holiday Resort, Iowa Travel

Jarvis Island

Jarvis Island Hotel, Jarvis Island Hostel, Jarvis Island Holiday Resort, Jarvis Island Travel

Johnston Atoll

Johnston Atoll Hotel, Johnston Atoll Hostel, Johnston Atoll Holiday Resort, Johnston Atoll Travel


Kansas Hotel, Kansas Hostel, Kansas Holiday Resort, Kansas Travel


Kentucky Hotel, Kentucky Hostel, Kentucky Holiday Resort, Kentucky Travel

Kingman Reef

Kingman Reef Hotel, Kingman Reef Hostel, Kingman Reef Holiday Resort, Kingman Reef Travel


Louisiana Hotel, Louisiana Hostel, Louisiana Holiday Resort, Louisiana Travel


Maine Hotel, Maine Hostel, Maine Holiday Resort, Maine Travel


Maryland Hotel, Maryland Hostel, Maryland Holiday Resort, Maryland Travel


Massachusetts Hotel, Massachusetts Hostel, Massachusetts Holiday Resort, Massachusetts Travel


Michigan Hotel, Michigan Hostel, Michigan Holiday Resort, Michigan Travel

Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll Hotel, Midway Atoll Hostel, Midway Atoll Holiday Resort, Midway Atoll Travel


Minnesota Hotel, Minnesota Hostel, Minnesota Holiday Resort, Minnesota Travel


Mississippi Hotel, Mississippi Hostel, Mississippi Holiday Resort, Mississippi Travel


Missouri Hotel, Missouri Hostel, Missouri Holiday Resort, Missouri Travel


Montana Hotel, Montana Hostel, Montana Holiday Resort, Montana Travel

Navassa Island

Navassa Island Hotel, Navassa Island Hostel, Navassa Island Holiday Resort, Navassa Island Travel


Nebraska Hotel, Nebraska Hostel, Nebraska Holiday Resort, Nebraska Travel


Nevada Hotel, Nevada Hostel, Nevada Holiday Resort, Nevada Travel

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Hotel, New Hampshire Hostel, New Hampshire Holiday Resort, New Hampshire Travel

New Jersey

New Jersey Hotel, New Jersey Hostel, New Jersey Holiday Resort, New Jersey Travel

New Mexico

New Mexico Hotel, New Mexico Hostel, New Mexico Holiday Resort, New Mexico Travel

New York

New York Hotel, New York Hostel, New York Holiday Resort, New York Travel

North Carolina

North Carolina Hotel, North Carolina Hostel, North Carolina Holiday Resort, North Carolina Travel

North Dakota

North Dakota Hotel, North Dakota Hostel, North Dakota Holiday Resort, North Dakota Travel

Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands Hotel, Northern Mariana Islands Hostel, Northern Mariana Islands Holiday Resort, Northern Mariana Islands Travel


Ohio Hotel, Ohio Hostel, Ohio Holiday Resort, Ohio Travel


Oklahoma Hotel, Oklahoma Hostel, Oklahoma Holiday Resort, Oklahoma Travel


Oregon Hotel, Oregon Hostel, Oregon Holiday Resort, Oregon Travel

Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll Hotel, Palmyra Atoll Hostel, Palmyra Atoll Holiday Resort, Palmyra Atoll Travel


Pennsylvania Hotel, Pennsylvania Hostel, Pennsylvania Holiday Resort, Pennsylvania Travel

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About United States Hotel Hostel

In the United States, the hotel industry is a significant and diverse sector of the hospitality and tourism industry. There are numerous hotel companies, ranging from large international chains to smaller independent hotels. Here's some general information about hotel companies in the United States:

  1. Types of Hotels:

    • Full-Service Hotels: These hotels offer a wide range of amenities and services, including restaurants, room service, fitness centers, and meeting facilities. They are often found in urban and tourist destinations and may belong to well-known hotel chains.

    • Limited-Service Hotels: Limited-service hotels provide basic amenities, such as comfortable accommodations, but may not have on-site restaurants or extensive amenities. They are often more affordable and suitable for travelers on a budget.

    • Boutique Hotels: Boutique hotels are typically smaller, independently owned or part of a small chain. They often have unique, stylish, and intimate settings and cater to a specific theme or design.

    • Luxury Hotels: Luxury hotels are known for their high-end services, luxurious accommodations, fine dining restaurants, and exclusive facilities. They are often part of upscale hotel chains and are located in prestigious areas.

    • Budget and Economy Hotels: These hotels are designed for cost-conscious travelers and offer clean, basic accommodations at affordable rates. They are often part of well-known budget hotel chains.

    • Extended-Stay Hotels: These hotels provide accommodations for longer stays, featuring suites with kitchen facilities and amenities for extended visits, such as those for business or relocation.

    • Resort Hotels: Resort hotels are located in popular vacation destinations and offer a wide range of recreational amenities, such as golf courses, spa facilities, and water activities.

  2. Major Hotel Chains: The United States is home to numerous hotel chains, including:

    • Marriott International
    • Hilton Worldwide
    • InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
    • Accor
    • Choice Hotels International
    • Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
    • Best Western Hotels & Resorts
    • Hyatt Hotels Corporation
    • Radisson Hotel Group
    • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  3. Booking and Reservation: Most hotel companies offer online booking and reservation services through their websites and mobile apps. Customers can compare rates, read reviews, and book rooms in advance.

  4. Rewards Programs: Many hotel chains have loyalty and rewards programs that offer benefits to frequent guests, including points for free nights, upgrades, and special offers.

  5. Rating and Reviews: Travel websites and organizations like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and the American Automobile Association (AAA) provide ratings and reviews of hotels to help travelers make informed decisions.

  6. Regulatory Compliance: Hotels in the United States must comply with federal, state, and local regulations related to safety, accessibility, and taxation. The industry is also subject to health and safety standards.

When choosing a hotel, it's essential to consider factors such as location, budget, amenities, and customer reviews. The choice of hotel often depends on the purpose of your trip, whether it's for business, leisure, or a special occasion.

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